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Video Factsheet - Please Read Before Viewing Film

Our AIM is Reality Training

Thanks for your interest in our first AIM RealityTraining instructional film. The learning doesn't stop here! Because dog-fighting and cockfighting are expanding and changing activities, the information available to you should be as well. Dog-fighters and cockfighters use the Internet as a tool to communicate and continue their brutal crimes, and now you can use the Internet to help put a stop to them.

Some Technical Notes regarding our first film effort... (Forgive our sound glitches...)

You may find some brief sound glitches, specifically toward the beginning. This was caused by an issue with our microphone at the time of filming, and it is not caused by your VHS/DVD or your equipment. (They are on our master, so please ignore them.)

For DVD users:

Although DVD-R formatted DVD discs play in the vast majority of DVD players (and all DVD-ROM computer drives), they may not play correctly in all of them. To ensure that your DVD player is compatible, please check the model against the known compatibility list, which is available here: If you encounter an error when you insert the disc, simply send back the DVD disc and we will immediately ship a VHS version to you.


The AIM RealityTraining film "Prosecuting Animal Cruelty and Illegal Animal Fighting" may be freely copied and distributed for training purposes. If you do copy the film and give it to another department or region, we simply ask that you let us know, so that we may be able to contact them about future projects and educational materials we offer. Please be advised that the VHS film "Animal Abuse: Why Cops Can and Need to - Stop It" is under copyright restriction and may not be reproduced without express permission from In the Line of Duty ( AIM RealityTraining is not affiliated in any way with In the Line of Duty.

Talk to Us! We want to hear your opinions and your own experiences...

Your comments are essential to us! It is only with your feedback that we will be able to continue to improve our reality-training materials. Call, send an e-mail or go to the comment form.

We're always looking for great learning assets. If you have any kind of animal cruelty and/or illegal animal fighting case information, video or photos you can share with us--let us know! And of course, the best possible assets are people! If you have areas of expertise or special techniques or field experience that may be helpful to others, please get in touch with us!

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