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"Prosecuting Animal Cruelty and Illegal Animal Fighting"

An AIM Reality Training production, this video is a step-by-step guide. Experts in this field (Capt. "Beau" Beauregard and Dr. Dena Mangiamele) describe how to get a conviction, starting with the steps to take upon the first arrival at the scene all the way through to providing expert testimony during the prosecution.

Alison Gianotto tells you how to use as an informational resource before trial and how to make your cases part of an on-line searchable database for animal-cruelty offenders.

Animal Issues Movement's Reality videos and workshops are intended to supplement the standard training offered at police departments and police academies and for animal control/ humane/probation officers, city/district attorneys.

The Reality series is hosted by experienced professionals who have worked in animal cruelty investigations and prosecutions for many years.

The instruction style is casual and inviting, with unique round-table discussions that get into very specific details on how to put a great case together.

Through AIM Reality Training series, you will learn how to quickly identify different types of animal cruelty and other illegal activities that often accompany it and how to collect and present your evidence in a way that is accurate and compelling.

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