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Capt. K. "Beau" Beauregard headed the Investigation Division of the San Diego Humane Society, where he was a key organizer of a taskforce raid that uncovered one of the largest cockfighting operations in the West in 2002. He was a police officer for more than ten years and also served as an Investigator for the SD County Public Defender's Office. "Beau" is an adjunct instructor at Palomar Community College and has spoken at both U.C.L.A. and Cal State Long Beach. He gives presentations and teaches seminars on animal abuse, dog/cockfighting and the link to interpersonal and youth violence to police, sheriffs, probation departments, and prosecutors throughout California. You can reach Capt. Beau at [email protected].

Dr. Dena Mangiamele Mangiamele has a Doctorate from Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, a Master's in Preventive Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis, and a BA in Biology from the University of Nebraska. In addition to her position as Chief Veterinarian for L.A. City Dept. of Animal Regulation and serving as Director of Animal Control for San Diego County, she has completed the California State Humane Assoc. Animal Law Enforcement Training, Basic Academy, including Arrest and Firearms Courses. Now a successful shelter-operations management consultant, Dr. Dena testifies as an Expert Witness for prosecution in dog fighting and animal cruelty cases in California and Nevada. You can reach Dr. Dena at [email protected].

Phyllis Daugherty has over 20 years of animal-protection experience. She produced a video on early-age spay/neuter with Dr. W. Marvin Mackie (l989), which has been shown all over the world and used in major universities to demonstrate the benefits/technique of sterilization of pre-pubescent puppies and kittens. She produced "Standing Room Only - Overcrowding California Animal Shelters" (2001), filmed inside CA shelters to show the problems and tragedies of overextended holding periods and resultant dangers to animals and personnel. As Director of Animal Issues Movement, she sponsors numerous seminars on illegal animal fighting and animal abuse for law-enforcement, animal control, social services, and prosecutors. You can reach Phyllis at [email protected].

Alison L. Gianotto has been a technology professional for 12 years and has co-authored two technology books for Wrox Press on application design and database technology. She is now the Director of Pet-Abuse.Com, where she developed and maintains the only international searchable online database of convicted animal abusers with information provided by law-enforcement, animal control/humane organizations and prosecutors around the world. Alison is providing technical, production and editorial expertise for the Reality Training video production. You can reach Alison at [email protected].

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