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Welcome to the AIM RealityTraining instructional series website. AIM RealityTraining videos and workshops are geared towards members of law enforcement, and are intended to supplement the standard training offered at police departments and police academies.

The AIM RealityTraining series is hosted by experienced professionals who have worked in animal cruelty investigations and prosecutions for many years. The instruction style is casual and inviting, with unique round-table discussions that get into very specific details on how to put a great case together.

Because of the strong connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence, a police officer has much to gain by learning more about investigating animal cruelty cases. Being well-prepared will help officers and prosecutors use every resource available to ensure a conviction.

As peace officers, you know that the initial call you receive is sometimes not indicative of what you are going to be walking into. A situation called in as a simple noise complaint can wind up being a full-blown dog-fighting operation involving animal cruelty, illegal drugs, gambling and weapons on the scene.

Through the AIM RealityTraining series, you will learn how to quickly identify animal cruelty and look for other illegal activities that often accompany different types of animal-related criminal activity, and how to collect your evidence in a way that will be both accurate and compelling.

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