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If you have had the opportunity to view the AIM RealityTraining film "Prosecuting Animal Cruelty and Illegal Animal Fighting", please send us your comments! It is only with your feedback that we will be able to continue to improve our real-life solutions and training materials. Call us at 213-413-6428, FAX us at 213-413-SPAY, or send an e-mail or use the comment form below to send us your thoughts.

We're always looking for great learning assets. If you have any kind of animal cruelty and/or illegal animal fighting case information, video or photos you can share with us - let us know! And of course, the best possible assets are people! If you have areas of expertise or special techniques or field experience that may be helpful to others, tell us!

Phone: (213) 413-6428
Questions? Email [email protected]

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